Outreach Ministries
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Outreach Ministries

  • Aid for Friends (AFF)

    Aid for Friends PicThe Mission of Aid for Friends is to serve the needy, isolated shut- ins in the greater Philadelphia Area with free daily home-cooked meals. Our Lady of Mount Carmel participates in this program by preparing meals for distribution in the Philadelphia Area as well as those in need in this area.  The procedure for participating is to pick up trays with instructions in the main vestibule – complete and fill the trays and bring them to the church on Sunday and place them in coolers provided in the vestibule.  Also needed are helpers to take the meals to the freezer located in the bar. 


    Please see the Ministry list for contact information.

  • Haiti Mission

    haiti2The OLMC Haiti Ministry has built a growing relationship with St Simon and St Jude parish in Port au Prince Haiti. The relationship began in 2008 with a periodic medical mission whereby teams from OLMC made visits to the St Jude community and transformed the St Jude church into a makeshift clinic. These teams often provide the first access to medical care for many in the community. Every person receives basics like toothbrushes and toothpaste, vitamins, reading glasses and anti-parasite medication in addition to the specific OTC and prescription drugs they require.

    The effort has grown to meet additional needs of the St Jude community. The two other main focus areas for the OLMC Haiti Ministry are clean water and providing education for the children. To date more than a hundred families have access to clean drinking water in their homes through a bucket filtration system and we are planning a clean water supply for the entire community.

    As there are no public schools in Haiti a program has been established to provide tuition assistance for St Jude children. Individual children can be sponsored for a contribution of $175 per year. It is hoped that the sponsor will maintain a relationship with the child from St Jude for the remainder of their schooling.

    How you can help
    There are many ways to assist the OLMC Haiti Ministry. We are always looking for missionaries for the next medical team especially health care practitioners. If you are interested in being a part of the medical team, contributing to the clean water effort or sponsoring a St. Jude child.

    Please contact the parish rectory at 215-348-4190 or email the ministry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

    All contributions to the OLMC Haiti ministry should be made payable to OLMC with Haiti in the memo line. You can contact the ministry at the above or mail your payment to OLMC, 235 E. State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901. There is no overhead applied to your donation; 100% of donated funds find their way directly to St. Jude in Port au Prince.

    Thank you very much. We remember our supporters in our prayers and we know Fr. Andrew Labatorio CICM remembers all of us with the St. Jude congregation as well.

    Click here for the informational flyer


    haiti medicalMEDICAL SERVICES: Our Lady of Mount Carmel brings a team of medical professionals annually to service the Parish and its community regardless of their faith choices. Over 3000 patients have been cared for through this service with over 60,000 dollars of medical supplies and medications.

    How You Can Help

    EDUCATION: We are presently supporting 45 children to attend local schools. Without our help no education would be available for them. The public school system is not available for the very poor. It only takes $175 per year to sponsor a child.

    Sponsor a Child

      haiti cleanwaterCLEAN WATER: We can make a family well, but it is only temporary if they continue to have NO access to clean water. For $25 we can provide a family with a very simple method of filtering, and chlorinating their water to purify their drinking water.
    Sponsor a Family

    haiti church

    WE ALL NEED A PLACE TO WORSHIP: Through the support of several churches in the U.S. a chapel is being built and furnishings provided. Locally Our Lady of Guadalupe has been very supportive in providing many furnishing to enhance the spiritual journey of our brothers and sister in Haiti. Share your prayers with Haiti!
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  • Hospital Ministry

    Coming Soon!

  • Legion of Mary


    Mary, Refuge of Sinners Praesidium, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

    The Legion of Mary was founded in Dublin, Ireland on 7 September 1921. It is a lay catholic organization whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country. The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active co-operation in Mary’s and the Church’s work.

    Mary, Refuge of Sinners Praesidium usually meets every Wednesday evening at 7pm. All are welcome, to attend and learn of the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of All Graces.

    For more information, check the Ministry list for contact person.




  • Prison Ministry

    CaptureTHE REV. JOHN J. DAVIDS MEMORIAL - Mentoring/Reentry Ministry  (In memory of a life dedicated to loving and helping)                      

    Works of love to one’s neighbor are a manifested Grace of the Holy Spirit                           

                                                                                                               (Pope Francis)



             To aid ex-offenders at the time of their release to adjust to re-entry into the social and cultural landscape of the community in a manner to readily facilitate self-sufficient citizenship. Thus pursued in an effort to raise the success levels of adjusting to communal activities with constructive life changes, reduction in recidivism and increase of comforting supportive friendships. Achieved through the grace and love of the Holy Spirit of Our Lord.


             To construct and operate a faith and spirit guided mentoring program to prepare offenders to re-enter society. Programs working prior to and immediately following release from Bucks County Community Correctional Institutions to provide services as religious liturgy, counseling and guidance, faith based mentoring, life skills orientation, assessment of needs and obstacles, facilitating health and substance abuse treatment, presenting employment options , resume preparation, and job search opportunities. The program cooperates with a network of social services partners and support groups to provide ongoing treatment/services and foster restorative family, work and spiritual relationships. To encourage an advocacy for change in the manner of treatment, education and community support for responsible ex-offenders in their search for renewed dignity and self-esteem as children of God. 

    The Population Served:         

          The ministry serves the population of adult non violent inmates of the Bucks County Prison and Community Correction Centers that show responsibility and incentive to seek rehabilitation/repentance toward a future renewed self sufficiency. Inmates are referred to us by family, religious, attorneys, judges, and selected at services then submitting an application. We operate year round with service visits conducted weekly by groups or individual mentors. Mentors meet monthly on the last Saturday of the month from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the Simon Stock House for update of Correction Department relations and review of each individual inmate services by each mentor discussing assigning, sharing and advising of any issues regarding each mentee’s disposition and needs.

    ( I followed my friend and when the police arrested me, my friends ran away. I only did what they told me to. I just wanted to fit in. Now I stand alone before the judge. Not a single one of my friends are here for support. I know they care ,or do they? You O Lord were innocent and your friends left also.)

    Our Mentoring Philosophy:

         We acknowledge that each inmate is endowed with the dignity as a child of God falling into deprived circumstances self or externally inflicted. Each limited by circumstances of his or her environment from youth to adult. Each offender  in need of acceptance, guidance, and healing. The dynamics of “healing through meeting” is  listening, and providing a meaningful and effective relationship in which personal life enriching needs can be met. A visiting and listening commitment fosters ethical trust and hope for ones future and can readily surmount past failures. In the isolated and humiliated circumstance of prison it is difficult to realize one has all the ability and strength needed to pursue a productive joyful future with the aid of God’s graces. Providing some resources, as food, clothes, options for residence and opportunities for reuniting with family along with continued prayer offer small steps to one’s finding incentive to explore the passion God has placed in one’s heart.

    The effectiveness of the mentor and mentee meeting is the grace filled context in which the mentor brings his or her personhood to the encounter, in doing so communicates an interdependence of the other in true trusting relation in which spiritual healing can that place.   

    Mentor services provided:

        Our Services provided and options for mentor support are included below: There remains a great need among men and women offenders whom have lost home, employment, family, clothes and even faith. Bucks Prison releases up to 5000 men and women each year.

    • Participate at Mass celebrated twice monthly; once for men and once for women.
    • Participate in scripture and Eucharistic services each week for men and women.
    • Conduct or assist in scripture studies for men or women.
    • Visit and mentor individual offenders in one on one sessions prior to and after released  ( Reentry service after release is based upon needs and  assisted by two or more mentors).
    • Conduct or assist in programs or seminars in Artistic Bible, Christian based AA, retail work skills, selected religious book reading and interpretations, behavior therapy,
    • Assist and /or advertise for fund raising programs, benefit programs, preparation of applications for grants, other fund raising activities and donation requests (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish operates a John Davids Memorial Fund for assisting offenders).
    • Assist in recruiting mentors and training sessions for mentoring including arranging presentations by prison staff, parole officers, and Correction Department staf, attorneys or judicial personnel.        
    • Assist in contacting and negotiating housing options for released offenders.
    • Providing transportation for inmates released and/or for employment interviews or housing search.
    • Research and compile opportunities for offender employment on release. Act asbroker for employment application and aid in resime preparation, We present letters to employers requesting opportunity for interview and job placement.
    • Provide liaison with Bucks County health and support services

    Parishes Supporting Our Ministry

    We recruit mentors each year from Parishes within Bucks and Montgomery Counties and presently have mentors and clergy volunteering with us from nine parishes including Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Guadalupe. St Judes, St. Matins, St. Andrew, St John Basco, St Stanislaus, St. Ignatius, and St Mark Orthodox.

    The Mentoring Experience

    Our mentors, along with those served are exposed to a journey of learning. Primarily the realization that God is working by entering in every one’s life opening Himself to our experiences and we for the most part are merely one moment in relation. We can promote acceptance, trust and a culture open to healing spiritual, social, and emotional needs. Our Lord does the healing. Mentors find joy and delight in seeing it happen, for we can do nothing for one that must be done for self. We are present only to:

             AMDG—Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam “For the greater glory of God”

    Visiting offenders in the atmosphere of confinement and isolation can bring to them acceptance and inspiration for a improved and productive future. Mentors establish a relationship of compassionate friendship based upon the essence of the divine spirit embodied in each human being and are rewarded themselves with increase in spirit. Through the encounter a volunteer mentor finds increased faith, hope and renewed grace.


    Joining Us as volunteer Mentor

    You may apply at any time, However prison orientation is provided a few times a year.


    More information can be obtained calling or writingLouis Naglak at 215-348-2583 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Priscilla O’Connor at 215-906-6337 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

     Applicants must apply also to the prison as volunteers and undergo criminal background check, agree to adhere to all prison rules, provide a copy of a valid driver’s license and attend a prison orientation and tour as well as a short mentoring training session.

    Application:  Rev. John Davids Offender Mentoring VOLUNTEER Application

    Brochure:  Rev. John Davids Brochure


    Donate to Rev. John Davids Memorial Fund:

    • We accept donations to the “John Davids Memorial Fund” to support the ministry. Fund are used primarily for months rental, food, clothing, and transportation at time of release from corrections.
    • You may also sponsor an individual’s reentry by name with opportunity to write to an offender before release and meet at release.
    • Send donations by mail to:  Our Lady of Mount Carmel Rectory at 235 East State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901 with a check made out to the Fund



    It Starts with Jesus


    Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration ( A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice), Publication No. 5-394  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington DC.


  • Catholic Witness to Christ in the Middle East

    Middle East Family Ties Ministry

    Christians have beome a small minority in the land that the Father chose as home for His Son, Jesus Christ.  They often suffer from discrimination, unemployment and lack of freedom to practice their faith.  It is vital that we offer our solidarity and support so that the Body of Christ can remain and flourish in the lands where Jesus walked.

    You can be a Force for Peace and Stability:  Christians in Jordan are only 4% of the population in a land predominantly Muslim.  We have been advised that as Arab Catholic Christians, they are working hard to maintain the face of Christ in the Holy Land by opening their hearts, schools, and social services to all refugees both Christian and Muslim. 

    Our brothers and sisters in Jordan need our continued friendship and support to be the face of Christ in the Middle East where they live and work to sustain the message of Jesus and to help bring His peace to our world where we are all one in the Body of Christ (1Cor 12:13; 27).

    Middle EastLearn how you can participate in building Peace in the Middle East by developing and supporting a collaborative relationship with Our Lady Mt. Carmel Parish in Amman, Jordan

    For more information contact:  Deacon Jim Fowkes and Barbara Fowkes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


         > Launch Mtg. 10.17.16:  MEFT PowerPoint presentation

         Prayer Communicated:   "Prayer for Peace in the Middle East"

         > 4 Part Series:  Personal Reflecton - Rev. Fr. Imad Twal 

    > December 2017 - Mid-East Family Ties Lecture Series "Mid-Eastern Roots of Christian Prayer Found in the Hymns of ST. EPHREM THE SYRIAN"

    > St. Ephrem announcement - OLMC Bulletin.  Information and wonderful pictures

     8.13.18 Bishops of the Orient Call for Launching Civil State - ZENIT - English Article:  https://zenit.org/articles/bishops-of-the-orient-call-for-launching-a-civil-state/


  • Parish Nurse Ministry

    “As often as you did it to the least of these, you did it to Me” Matthew 25:40

    Parish nurses are licensed professional nurses in the state of Pennsylvania. We strive to achieve the unconditional love of God as witnessed by the compassionate Jesus of the Gospels in His ministry of healing and comfort to the sick and suffering.


    To support this goal, we volunteer our services as:

    • Health Consultant and Educator: assisting parishioners and families in responding to health concerns.
    • Resource Person: provide information on available resources and services and to facilitate referrals to agencies.
    Parish Nurses DO NOT provide hands-on nursing procedures, but assist those in need of the services outlined above. All communications between a Parish Nurse and parishioner are confidential, consistent with the Scope and Standards of Practice for Parish Nurses.


    Call Parish Nurses when you have health concerns, need a referral or recourse, require support, are struggling with major life changes, could benefit from a support group, or have caregiver needs.

    Check Ministry list for name of contact person.

  • Society of Saint Vincent De Paul

    vdpsociety“I must love my neighbor as the image of God and the object of His Love”- St. Vincent de Paul

    The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is composed of Catholic lay persons who strive to grow spiritually by helping our neighbors. We offer person to person service to individuals in need of help. It is the personal involvement that makes the work of the society unique. We are nourished by prayer and reflection and adherence to the basic rule of the society. In providing for emergency food and financial assistance we maintain the confidentiality and dignity of those we serve.

    Without the continued support of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parishioners, we could not continue the work that is so vital to our community; a community that extends beyond the faith base of our church to the community of all God’s people in the Doylestown area. We thank you for your support in helping us to “bear witness of the love of Christ.”

    The Society typically meets on the second Monday of each month.

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul - SSVP

    (Part 1 of 3) February 9, 2017

    (Founded by a Group of Students)

    From the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by

    The Pontifical Council for the Laity

    History: Established in 1833, the SSVP was founded in Paris as a result of a conference on law and history organized by the journalist Emmanuel Bailly for university undergraduates at a time when Catholic student welfare associations were being closed down. The intellectual purpose of these meetings did not, however, meet with the spiritual aspirations and the desire for social commitment felt by a group of students led by Frederic Ozanam (beatified in 1997). Convinced of the need to change them into conferences of charity, which were to be essentially lay in character, obedient to the authority of the Church, designed to sanctify their members and the poor people they served.

    They were to be marked by simplicity, friendship and fellowship in relations between the members, with decisions taken on a collegial basis, practicing charity not as an individual activity but through group solidarity. In 1835, after drawing up their first rule, the conferences of charity took the name of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, after the saint chosen as their patron, and in 1845, they obtained Holy See recognition in a brief issued by Gregory XVI.  As an international catholic organization, SSVP is a member of the Conference of International Catholic Organizations, and as an NGO it has consultative status with UNESCO.  (To be continued).

    For information on the SSVP of our parish, please go to the parish Web site:  www.ourladymtcarmel.org

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul - SSVP

    (Part 2 of 3) February 9, 2017

    Identity:  The SSVP charism is expressed and authenticated among the poor and the marginalized, and in the contribution, it makes to the advancement of our suffering brethren in the light of the Gospel message and the twin heritage of St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederic Ozanam. The association takes part in the Church’s charitable work, emphasizing a personal relationship when serving the neediest people. It encourages the laity’s sense of responsibility, encouraging cooperation between all the members of the ecclesial community. It draws its inspiration from the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and the social encyclicals, incorporated into different countries, by performing actions for the benefit of the poor in respect for their traditions and cultures.

    In a world in which poverty not only means “not possessing” but also “not existing,” it strives to make the poor the protagonists of their own human and spiritual self-fulfillment. It contributes to the new evangelization by bearing witness to Christ through living charity on behalf of the lowliest, the voiceless, the unloved.

    For information on the SSVP of our parish, please go to the parish Web site: www.ourladymtcarmel.org

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul - SSVP

    (Part 3 of 3) February 9, 2017

    Organization and Works:  SSVP has a rule, which sets out its vocation, organization and mission. The official management bodies of the association, whose grass roots groups have retained the original name of “conferences,” are the general council, made up of the president general and the presidents of the national councils which meets in an international general assembly every six years; the regional or interregional councils; the executive committee appointed by the president general, and made up of the secretary general, the treasurer general, the general vice president and the territorial vice presidents; and the international coordination committee. SSVP has a membership of some 47,000 conferences, comprising on average 15- 20 members each, and is present in 130 countries.

    SSVP is committed to supporting training, education and development projects, and manages medical facilities, social service facilities and homes/hostels; institutes for children; centers for young people; schools; vocational training centers; hospices; centers for unmarried mothers or women in difficulty, and for the rehabilitation of former inmates; institutes for the physically and mentally disabled; helping victims of violence, disasters and war; caring for and supporting the terminally ill, alcoholics and drug-dependents; programs for disadvantaged families.

    For information on the SSVP of our parish, please go to the parish Web site: www.ourladymtcarmel.org

    Check the Ministry list for the name of the contact person.

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